Wednesday, August 18, 2004

When it rains..
As threatened, my travails of last week:
I wanted to buy Doom 3 but my old graphics card was not up to the task. I purchased a GT 6800 overclocked card and installed it last Tuesday. It went smoothly until I wanted to try out a game to see what it looked like. When I inserted the CD ROM into my drive the computer re-booted. That's funny, I thought, until I got the message that no boot device was recognized. When I looked in the BIOS boot sequence all of my drive designations were replaced with "]". I tried for about an hour to get it to work but I was running late and had to go home. I arrived early the next morning to speak with my manufacturer's outsourced technical help. After about 30 minutes while in BIOS he has me type in 'ctrl-alt-b' and 'ctrl-alt-d' and magically it returned to normal. Score an "attaboy" for "Billy".
I was also the resident attending last week. Some tales of the head injured:
Patient #1 was assaulted about 4 weeks ago. He had no insurance and his parents were unwilling to take him home. The tireless efforts of the case managers were able to secure a "scholarship" (charity) bed at a nursing home. His mother's boyfriend put up all kinds of roadblocks to transfer. They wanted to visit the facility. They then became passive-aggressive (not returning calls, visiting after hours, ect) in an attempt to hamper his disposition. What got him out was an ultimatum of nursing home or your home. They chose the nursing home
Patient #2 fell out of a truck. His story began here. He had move from the comatose to flinging his fecal matter around. His family wanted to take him home. Having been burned by the "bounceback" before they had to submit to 48 hours of Dr. Parker's home simulator. The rules:
The nursing staff will check vitals Q shift. They will bring his food and scheduled medicines. You will feed and medicate him. You will bathe him, ambulate him, change him and his bed as needed. If he makes a mess, housekeeping will bring you a pail and bucket for you to clean it up. You may not restrain him. A family member must stay with him at all times. No leaving for eating or smoking. If you require the help of nursing for any of the above reasons the simulation is over and if you take him home you will sign out AMA
They passed with flying colors.
Patient #3 was in a motorcycle collision. As with patient #2 he had a scatalogical temperament. He was ready to go somewhere but the family was playing the "he's not ready game". One day he eloped with the help of his friends. His family brought him back later that day with a drug screen positive for amphetamines,cocaine,THC, and opiates (none on his admission UDS). If we was well enough to go to the local drug corner, he was well enough to be discharged.
To pour salt in the wound I was on call this past weekend. I got a call from the house supervisor, at midnight, that a primary care physician wanted a central line on a patient. The jerk didn't have the decency to roll over in his bed and call me himself. I delivered the old "if he wants the line he has to call me personally" and was undisturbed for the rest of the night.
30 y/o shot center mass by some jackass firing a gun to disperse a fighting crowd. She herself was trying to break up the fight. DOA
Oh yeah, Doom 3: Graphics are excellent, but the gameplay itself is mediocre. The whole "experiment gone wrong" has been done better before with Half-Life. With the unlimited quicksave it is fairly easy. If you had to reach a checkpoint before you saved, such as in XIII, it would make it more of a challenge. Maybe Galen have a better review.
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