Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tales from the Trauma Service XVII.....
Patient in a motor-vehicle collision. Rollover with ejection. Flown in and intubated shortly after arrival.

Something is here that doesn't belong. From the plates inidcated by the yellow lines
we can see that this patient has been a guest of the trauma service before. More images to follow:

Brain windows on the head CT. Whatever it is it appears to pass over the globe and enter the frontal lobe with associated hemorrahge. Here is the bone window of the third image:

You can make out the fracture of the orbital roof. Here are the recontstructions from the facial CT:

Here's the best of these:

And now for the really cool images:

These are from the 3-D recons. The blue line indicates the offender. Here is the obligitory live action shot:


The object in question is just above the eyelid. The patient was taken off to the OR by the neurosurgeons for removal and placement of an ICP monitor. What was it? Probably the swivel mount from a rear-view mirror.


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