Friday, April 29, 2005

Tales from the Trauma Service X.....
What a week.
20-ish year old GSW to the back with an entry a L5. Claims he was shot with an AK-47. OK, whatever you say. Mildly hypotensive in the 80's. Responds to some IVF. Initial pelvis film:

That's got to sting. Paperclip marks the entry. He gets two units of packed cells. Off to CT:

Iliac wing shattered....

You can see the hematoma displacing the right iliac artery....

Hell, maybe it was a Kalashnikov that did the deed...

The lines indicate what is left of his acetabulum. There are fragments in the joint space.

The hematoma is easier to see in this window.

See how far the foley balloon and rectum are being pushed to the left.
Fixing this kind of fracture is a large undertaking. He required transfer to a referral facility.


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