Friday, August 11, 2006

Tales of the Trauma Service XV......
This guy needs to buy himself a lottery ticket. The injuries you are about to see are from a fight over fifteen dollars worth of crack cocaine. If that is what the street value of life is these days.....

This guy also drove himself to the hospital.
Start the film:

Big big knife. That's gonna leave a mark.....
As he was stable my partner who was on call obtained a CT of his chest.

Minimal pneumothorax, minimal to no hemothorax, no fluid in the pericardium and the edge of the knife just millimeters from the pericardium. My partner and the local thoracic surgeon take the patient to the O.R. He is under general anesthesia, a chest tube placed and with cell saver, sternotomy saw, and 8 units of PRBC at the standby the knife is removed...........

Nothing happens. An occlusive dressing is placed on the wound. He ought to go home in a few days.


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