Friday, May 18, 2007

I am Still Alive....
But I have been very busy with preparing for talks, taking call, and preparing for my fellowship which starts in July. Blogging will probably be light after that too.
Given the recent events surrounding Flea and the Fat Doctor, there has been a alot of discussion about what has come to be known as "Black Wednesday".
Readers of my blog know that I post a great deal of pictures and case reports. As with many things "names have been changed to protect the innocent". The pictures that are posted are covered by a photo release that is contained within the surgical consent.
Of course anonymity is easy to maintain when you aren't providing a play-by-play of malpractice litigation and have less than 300 people a day reading your blog.
Some wanted to find out how this guy did, the title of this post give a clue. He steadfastly refused nasogastric decompression, operation, or transfer. He aspirated one night and his family honored his wishes concerning intubation. He expired soon afterwards.
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