Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Buy Him One Too......
No actual photographs, but a CT that will leave you astounded. 70-ish with a failed hernia repair about 12 years ago. Comes in after a week of nausea and vomiting. Severly dehydrated. CT obtained:

Nothing too unusual so far.....

Yellow circle around a fascial defect....

What does the yellow line point to?

Yes, gentle reader, the patient's hernia defect was so large that it could not be visualized within the scan window.

Furhter yellow lines would be redundant, methinks..

From his stomach to his rectum, everything is within the hernia sac. When this patient's PCP called me to see him we told me it looked like he "swallowed a fifth-grader". No joke there. Amazing what people will neglect.

Don't get the title? Look here.
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