Thursday, March 15, 2007

Match Stats 2007........
Congratulations and best wishes to fourth year medical students today. The match offers a yearly look at how medical students are "voting with their feet", determining the specialites that have the greatest appeal.

According to the NRMP 27944 applicants were vying for 21845 positions, a record number.

This years statistics may be found here, on page 4.

For surgery:

Surgery offered ten more positons than last year, and fewer of them were filled by US grads. 46 more IMG's will be surgical interns this year than last, and surgery maintains almost a 100 percent overall fill rate.

For internal medicine:

Medicine remined relatively static, with about 43 percent of spots filled by international grads.

For family practice:

FP increased both its' US and total fill percentages by one and three percent respectfully. However, FP continues to take a beating, as 108 (4 percent) fewer positions were offered this year.


Pediatrics did slightly better, offering fifty more positions than last year. They filled them, as well as six more.


Overall little change from last year. OB/GYN continues to climb from its' low of 743 positions filled in 2004.


EM did very well this year. 37 more positions were offered and 74 more were filled than last year with the majority of the increase of filled positions held by US grads.


Anesthesia had another good year, but the percentage of US grads in the upcoming class fell compared to last year. This may represent a "ceiling" for the US grads intereseted in anesthesia as the number of positions offered rose 4 percent over last year and has risen twenty-three percent since 2003.


Radiology continues to be very competitive, with a rise in the positions held by US grads.

So to no surprise, FP continues to do poorly, while radiology and surgery do well. EM looks to be the big "winner" this year. What is truly amazing is that there are only 141 radiology slots out there.

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