Saturday, January 06, 2007

Innovative or Idiotic...
Is Dr. Parker ahead of the curve or delusional? Given the results of the match I participated in I myself have questions. Looking at the results from the latest surgery critical care match:

72 programs participated, out of 85 ACGME approved programs. Of these only 33 filled. On the other end 77 submitted rank lists for 136 postions, leaving a match rate of 91 percent and a fill rate of 51 percent. Now the picture painted here may not be too accurate because of the number of programs that did not partcipate in the match. There number of participants in the match may be underestimating the total number of fellows by as much as fifty percent given the numbers of those that have taken the certifying exam.

Anesthesia offers 54 ACGME approved fellowships in critical care. They do not participate in the match and I cannot find data from the certification examinations on the American Board of Anesthesia's website.

Let's take a look at the in internal medicine side. There are 29 critical care only programs that are certified by the ACGME, and 132 pulmonary medicine/critical care fellowships. Here is the NRMP data on the latest PM/CC match:

95 percent of programs filled and 97 percent of positions (340 out of 349) filled. This corresponds closely with the numbers who sit for the certifying exam. So the medical critical care track does seem to be more popular. The AAST is working on an acute care surgery curriculum, which is kind of what my practice plans of the future are.
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