Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Grand Rounds Vol 3 No. 16.....
Hosted this week by Dr. John LaPuma. His theme is "Food as Medicine". I agree with Allen that there are good ways and bad ways to do "themed" Grand Rounds. The "good" way in my opinion is to take the posts that are submitted and work them into the "theme" that you choose. Examples can be found here, here and my own example here. A "bad" example can be found here. Nothing against the ChronicBabe or Dr. LaPuma, but the idea of Grand Rounds is to share the best of the medical blogosphere each week. The host gets the increased traffic the week they host, and if the readers like the emphasis of their blog, they can come back. By placing up front restrictions on submissions, the hosts, I believe, do a disservice to the submitting authors.
But since the host's discretion trumps all, I shut up until I can find the time to host again (for the fourth time).

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