Thursday, July 06, 2006

Belated Birthday Post.....
Everyone seemed to be smoking pot, drinking, and wrecking their cars this past weekend, so I was unable to put up my planned post. The medical blogosphere has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three years. One only needs to look at the submissions and hosts for Grand Rounds to see that. There is also now "spawn of Grand Rounds" with Radiology Grand Rounds and the "Cheese Wheel" of literary medical bloggers.
But others have decided to hang it up. Galen has moved on, Dr. Wigton appears to have taken Red State Moron down, Geeknurse had to quit blogging due to job pressures, and Shrinkette has folded up her couch. I'm sure many others have passed on recently as well, but with so many new ones it has become nearly impossible to keep up. The biggest loss, of course, was the decision of my (and likely yours as well) blogmother to retire. Dr. Smith cited lack of time and her desire not to put out a substandard product as her main motivators to cease blogging. My time is becoming more compressed as well, especially with the planned fellowship sabbatical coming up in less than a year. I won't quit just yet. I have less concerns about quality writing, since I write mostly crap anyway, and I always can count on new and exciting Tales from The Trauma Service/Operating Room to keep posts going. No I won't quit, but I think I'll stick with the free Blogger for now.
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