Sunday, February 26, 2006

Parker's Corollary to the ADS Theorem.....
The Aggravated Surgeon has an excellent post about the "new math" of physician referral. In this particular proof the sum comes out to five million dollars. The Aggravated one opines:
Having experienced this type of behavior first hand on more than a few occasions, I wonder what the effect of this ruling will have on physicians who have more than a medical relationship with other specialists, or with labs/x-ray facilities/outpatient surgery units etc, for that matter.

Here is my contribution to the theorem:
PCP in multispecialty group practice + insured/daytime/uncomplicated patient = referral to "in group" surgeon.
PCP in multispecialty group practice + uninsured/night/weekend/complicated patient = referral to "on call" surgeon.

Or as the wise man says "figures can't lie but liars can figure".
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