Thursday, October 13, 2005

All You Can Eat.....
From Kevin MD a New York Times article making an inane comparison between medical billing and eating at a restaurant:
Suppose you walk into a restaurant," he said, "and you don't get a menu, you don't get any choice of what food you'll eat, they don't tell you what it is when they're serving it to you, they don't tell you what it's going to cost."

"Then, weeks or months later, you get a bill that tells you all the food you ate and the drinks you had, some of which you remember and some you don't, and although you get the bill, you still can't figure out what you really owe," Dr. Brailer said.
What restaurant do you know of is forced, by law, to serve any hungry person that appears at their door?
How many restaurants must provide service to patrons that routinely engage in the old "dine and dash" again and again?
Would a more consumer driven system have the complexities described in the story? Methinks not.
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