Friday, July 01, 2005

Terrible Twos.......

I started this blog two years ago today, and it has provided endless entertainment during that time. First a thank you to all those who link to this humble site as well as those who visit.
Secondly a thank you to Dr. Genes. The "father" of Grand Rounds has probably done more than anyone to increase the exposure of our little corner of the blogosphere. He has certainly increased my traffic. The number and quality of medical blogs continues to increase at a steady rate. When I started I was the solitary surgeon blogger. Now Orac and the Aggravated one deliver a high grade product on a regular basis.
Despite the great pleasure I derive from this endeavor there have been times that I have considered hanging it up. It is conventional wisdom that if you keep blogging for a year then the chances of it sticking around are higher. But I have found this past year to be more of a struggle some times. But just when I'm ready to quit, I find something that catches my eye.
Thanks again and best of luck to the new housestaff!!
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