Saturday, June 04, 2005

Scrub Fashion.....
Bouncing around I came across this post from Maria offering advice on scrub couture:
If you are a man, wear a shirt underneath your scrub top. There is nothing sexy about your scraggly chest hair sprouting forth in all directions for all to see. It does not augment any virility (or lack there of) you may already have. Contrary to what you may think, this unkempt appearance does not overwhelm women with the desire to sidle up to you and run our fingers along your chest. We actually laugh at you.
What, you don't dig the Brillo Pad look?
There's more:
Err towards wearing scrub pants one size too large, particularly if you are man. Especially if you’re the type of fellow who lounges in chairs, hands behind your head, legs splayed wide open in an effort to occupy the greatest area possible of the seat supporting you. The general hospital population has little to no interest in what underlies those miniature pant legs as they creep up your calves. We also don’t particularly want to know the circumference of your thighs or the size of your sexual endowment, no matter how greatly you (subconsciously?) wish to advertise such information. (See “wear a shirt underneath your scrub top”.)

My training program wasn't one of the ones that were strict about scrubs outside the OR. So when I started my internship I and the other intern loaded up on scrubs and wore them all the time. They then purchased a "scrub ATM" to control loss. Your "account" had three sets of scrubs in it. You would "withdraw" a pair and "deposit" it when you were done. It was very high tech with a camera to make sure you actually deposited scrubs. We were told that if seen in "old scrubs" we could get into trouble. We simply got around it by depositing the pants of a set, getting a full set, then depositing the shirt of a set and getting another. It was delightful on the last day of my residency to deliver a hefty bag full of scrubs to the OR manager that I had worn for the past five years.
BTW I have discovered that a dark t-shirt is best under scrubs since Hibiclens (an antiseptic soap used as a surgical scrub) can stain clothes.
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