Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sex and the Resident....
The Madman provides another review of Grey's Anatomy which prompts Galen to ask if all surgical residencies are soap operas in the making.
Sorry to say that the residents and attendings weren't shacking up where I trained. Sure some residents "hooked up" with other residents and there was the cliche' of the resident sleeping with the nurse or respiratory therapist. But nothing occurred on the scale of The House of God, by any stretch.
The closest that the department came to that was the wife of a new faculty member my fourth year, who was an OB/GYN attending, was having a rather torrid affair with a student. This particular student was also applying to OB/GYN residencies and the affair was discovered after the faculty member had written letters of recommendation for her lover. The chair then sent letters to all of the programs that the student applied to "explaining" the "situation".
The inevitable threat of a wrongful termination suit resulted in the faculty member coming into work every day, and sitting in her office relieved of her clinical duties until she, and her surgeon husband, found new jobs.
Just like "General Hospital" ain't it?
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