Tuesday, February 15, 2005

And We're Back..
Very busy two weeks has brought about a paucity of posts. It started soon after I hosted Grand Rounds I had to take this young man back to the OR for re-exploration for an intra-abdominal abscess. He had several return trips with an open abdomen and was closed with absorbable mesh about 10 days ago. He was discharged to rehab today. Taking him back on my birthday and throwing the monkey wrench into Mrs. Parker's plans didn't help much.
Then I had to prepare for a talk I gave last Monday. During those preparations my hard drive gave it up with the loss of some data. I spent the latter part of last week sorting that out.
I was on call over the weekend and was beaten like the proverbial baby seal, so no time for posting.
Since yesterday was Valentine's day posting from home last night was verboten.
As these two weeks went by I found that earlier in the "hiatus" I didn't miss posting all that much. But as the time past and the big project (the talk) was completed, I began to curse the obstacles that got in between myself and ACTCIACTC. I guess I'm fully addicted now.
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