Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More Gasoline on the Fire....
I certainly seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest with this post about the pathology report. I haven't gotten such a response since this post in October of 2003. The comments have gone down a "party line" with physicians being supportive and patients taking issue with my position. The comments have provided an interesting debate on the "ownership" of medical records and lab results. I was ready to move on to other things but I was accused by Trapper of Issemmelweis of "slamming a cancerous woman". I don't recall revealing the results in the post. They were benign, by the way.
The facts:
The patient knew that she would have to return to the office for a follow-up to discuss results, check the wound, and review follow up plans.
She knew her insurance company required a co-pay. I was contractually required to collect it.
She refused to pay it and demanded the results over the phone, against my office policy.
She wanted her results faxed to her gynecologist who referred her my office staff complied.
It was made clear that if she wanted her records with the report, she was welcome to a copy of her records. It was made clear to her that she would be required to pay for the copy. Rates for medical record copying in Georgia are set by law.
She got what she wanted, her path report. I dismissed her for the rude treatment she showed my office staff as well as the litigation threat.
She knew the rules, but when it came time to follow them, she didn't want to.
How was she "slammed" by me?
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