Thursday, October 14, 2004

No Place Like Home....
Driving into New Orleans just before Tropical Storm Matthew was an adventure and the flooding cancelled many of the "social program" events such as canoeing and airboat tours that Mrs. Parker was scheduled for. We were able to take the riverboat tour Monday night, however.
Given my interests in trauma, I attended mostly those types of lectures. Monday morning was a symposium on controversies in fluid resuscitation. The thinking has evolved from the aggressive fluid use and the "goal oriented" hyperdynamic resuscitation of Shoemaker to a "less-is-more" approach. Very informative and entertaining.
The afternoon began with the Drake History of Surgery Lecture and the topic was presidential assassinations. The care rendered to Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy was discussed. While Lincoln and Kennedy suffered lethal injuries there were multiple miss-steps with Garfield's and especially McKinley's care. This was demonstrated by the fact that a patient shot herself and suffered the same injuries that President McKinley had, was operated on by one of the surgeons whom attended the President, and survived.
The last talk was from a panel of military surgeons describing the surgical efforts in Iraq. Capt. Peter Rhee and Capt.Harold Bohman of the Navy medical corps. Col. John Holcomb of the U.S. army, Col. Deborah Mueller of the USAF, and Major Jay Doucet of the Canadian Air force discussed the evolution of the medical treatment and evacuation of combat casualties. I was left with an increased respect for the job that the physicians and nurses caring for our troops do under circumstances best described as austere. There was a personal touch provided by Dr. Rhee when he showed a photo of his brother, a colonel in the Marine Corps, currently in Iraq.
Tuesday was spent in the "Controversial Issues in Trauma" postgraduate course. Well done mostly but one of the speakers gave essentially the same talk he gave the day before. Wouldn't have been much of an issue but the cost of the postgraduate course was $400.
Highly recommended: the Canal St. J.W. Marriott, The Pelican Club, The Redfish Grill, and The Palace Cafe.
All in all, well worth the trip.
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