Tuesday, October 26, 2004

From the Mailbag....
A reader emails in:
I really enjoy your blog. I was wondering if surgical
residencies are offered to older, non-traditional medical students. I would be starting medical school at 36. Thanks for your time.
Best of luck to you as you begin your medical training. There is no official "age limit" for surgical residents. I have worked many excellent surgical residents who started medical school later in life. If your USMLE scores are good and you have good letters, you should be competitive. Will you be competitive at the big academic programs ? probably not as much as you would be at a community-based program. A problem that will concern some programs is that of stamina. Even with the 80 hour limits, surgical residencies can be very exhausting. If you choose to interview at surgery programs, expect some questions about it. Not about your age per se but questions such as, "Did you have trouble staying awake all night?" ect....
I recommend you read Natalie's Diary with some perspective from an older surgical resident
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