Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Vineyard....
Had a good time in Martha's Vineyard for the family wedding. It was a very nice place with excellent seafood. On a bus tour we took the driver name dropped during the whole trip, telling us where Michael J. Fox's house was, where the Clinton's had bought land a week ago, where John Belushi is buried, ect, ect,ect....
The Vinyard seems to be a safe place as the police seemed bored and the bed and breakfast where I was staying kept the door unlocked. However I heard that O.J. Simpson had been seen earlier that week, so I was afraid the Real Killers were nearby. Below are pictures of the clay cliffs of Aquinnah.

My wedding attire caught alot of glances as well. It was like no one had seen a seeersucker suit before. I took great delight in telling people that everyone in the south dressed like that.
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