Monday, August 02, 2004

From MSNBC:Young doctors reportedly working fewer hours
Doctors fresh out of medical school are working fewer hours compared to their predecessors, thanks to new rules that went into effect a year ago curbing duty time. But growing pains abound. Some medical students and experienced doctors are getting stuck with more work and hospitals are spending millions of dollars overhauling work schedules.
So far compliance has been fairly good:
Most residency programs are in compliance with the new standards, according to the accreditation council. Since last July, it reviewed 2,019 programs — or about a quarter of total programs — and cited 5 percent for duty-hour violations. Nearly half of the offenses were for breaking the 80-hour week limit.
The accreditation council also allowed 75 surgical programs to extend resident work hours to 88 hours a week. So far, 53 doctors have filed complaints about work-hour breaches. Eleven cases were dismissed for lack of evidence.
The AMSA, however thinks that the number is under-reported. Now for an update from the "unintended consequences" department:
The association also found that medical students — those not ready for residency — are working more. Early results from a survey of 488 students found that half reported finishing clerical work for residents and a quarter said they completed clinical duties.
What sort of "clinical duties" are they talking about? Dressing changes? Pulling drains? I did that sort of stuff as a student in "the bad old days".
Well it could be worse, we could live in Europe.
UPDATE: The Resident Wife has more here.
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