Sunday, August 08, 2004

Anatomy Lab Surprise...
From MSNBC: Towel found in woman 7 years after surgery
Relatives of a woman whose surgeon left a rolled-up towel inside her chest seven years ago have filed a lawsuit against the clinic where the surgery was performed.

Bonnie Valle often complained about an odd feeling in her chest in the years following a procedure at the Cleveland Clinic, family members said.

"She always said, ;On the left side, it feels like there's something there. It felt like something moved," said her daughter, Jeanne Clark....
When she died in June 2002, a day after her 60th birthday, Valle donated her body to the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. During dissection, a faculty member discovered a green surgical cloth the size of a large hand towel behind her left lung.

Wow. It was always interesting when something unusual was found in a cadaver during dissection. But those were usually limited to artificial joints, pacemakers and the like. I'm sure that caused quite a stir in that anatomy lab.
The usual preventative measures don't work in situations like these. Towels are not usually counted and are not radio-opaque, so x-rays won't help.
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