Friday, July 16, 2004

Being on call five out of the last seven days has really socked it to me.  Last night was the worst as I had four traumas come in at the same time:
23 y/o helmeted motorcylist with a dislocated left shoulder and abrasions to the palms of his hands.
30-ish non-english speaking man fell 35 feet from a scaffolding.  He had a cerebral contusion and cervical strain. 
25 y/o fell off the back of a truck.  He had AMS at the scene and by the time he arrived EMS had the ambu-bag on him.  No ED doc available so I got to intubate him. He had a depressed skull fracture and a cerebral contusion.  Severely displaced clavicle fracture.   The neurosurgeons took him to the OR.  
His most impressive CT scan slice and his chest x-ray are provided for your viewing pleasure.

The last was a 21 year-old ATV versus tree. The tree won. He is now the proud owner of an ICP monitor. His CT scans:


While I agree wholeheartedly with Kevin about the changes at Medlogs, I am reserving my judgment on the new Blogger editor for the time being.
Well I'm going to grab a piece of the couch for a little nap. Have a nice weekend.

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