Monday, June 07, 2004

I've meant to post this since last night, but you know, stupid day job. Dr. Smith, GruntDoc and Dr. Rangel all have excellent posts about the late president.

How does the old saying go? "Show me the newspaper headlines when someone is twenty years old and I will tell you how they think today," President Reagan's term was during the point in my life that I became interested in politics and the workings of government. His frankness, optimism, and his conservatism all shaped my thinking about such things.

My best Reagan memory was when I was in high school I went to Washington, DC with a school group participating in Close Up, an alumna from our school had a job in the White House so we got to go on a special tour of the place. Great pictures of me standing behind the podium in the briefing room. Anyway the President was flying out to something that day so we got to stand behind the ropeline on the south lawn as Reagan got aboard Marine One. Heady stuff for a high school kid.
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