Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The FP residency program at Big Hospital had their graduation ceremony a few days ago. Everyone looked nice dressed up and it was a pleasure to meet some of their families. The graduation speaker based his talk on the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Nicely done. Some of the residents are fulfilling scholarship requirements and practicing in rural Georgia. One is remaining as a member of the faculty. One is joining the hospitalist group in town. Two have military commitments, one will remain stateside..and another will be heading to Iraq in a few weeks.
This particular resident and I did not get along all that well on a personal level, but he worked hard and took care of business. This resident told me,that from what he had been told, he would get the most use out of what my partners and I had taught him. I thanked him for that, and shook his hand.
"Wear your helmet and be careful," I told him.
"I will be," he reassured me.
He will be in my thoughts and prayers

UPDATE: Goes to show what happens when you post in-between patients. I posted this before I was finished.
The ceremony was quiet and dignified...as opposed to some of the graduation ceremonies where I trained. An open bar can do that to a party. We also had roasts of the graduating residents. Not many parents came to our graduation ceremony so the roasts were, shall I say, not safe for work. One year a resident graduated who had done a great deal to earn some scalding...and his parents came. Not only did he and his parents have to endure the overtly risque' points but they would ask him about all of the inside jokes.
Needless to say I didn't invite my parents...
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