Thursday, May 20, 2004

Yesterday's trauma talk went well and call has become a little less strenuous the past week. I had a short day today because Mrs. Parker is in a wedding this weekend and had to leave today for the bridesmaids luncheon. How is all that wedding stuff going? Well just look here.
My two cases were an exercise in extremes:
The first was a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a four year old, yes a four year old. I had done one on a six year old a year ago. Usually these kids have hemolytic diseases (most often sickle cell anemia here in the south) but this child has sickle cell trait and had been treated for hyperbilirubinemia as a newborn. Used five millimeter ports with the camera port lower than usual. Fun case.
The second was a IVC filter on a 560 pound man. The usual OR table I use for this had a weight limit of 350 pounds. The table rated for 750 pounds would not allow the c-arm to see what I needed. We ended up using the usual table and the patient's bed to accomplish the task.
Well my precious offspring are up to something destructive so I better go...
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