Friday, April 02, 2004

It's a shame when the day job gets in the way of blogging......

The gentleman mentioned in this post has made two more trips back to the OR, one Wednesday and one today. Wednesday I removed the packs and he has mobilized his third space somewhat with the assistance of some Lasix. I was able to get is abdomen about halfway closed today.

The Georgia Senate passed an amended version of HB 1028, which according to MAG:

Emergency Department Relief: Plaintiff may not recover non-economic damages for negligence occurring in an emergency situation;

Abolish Joint & Several Liability: requiring apportionment of damages between defendants;

Venue: location of trial moved to county of remaining defendant if one defendant is dismissed from a suit and venue was based on that defendant;

Apparent Agency: relieving hospital from liability for negligence of non-employed physicians;

Expert Witness Reform: indicating who is qualified to testify as an expert at trial;

Standard of care for ER doctors;

Non-economic damages: judge authorized to reduce non-economic damages if such award exceeds by 25% the award in similar cases in other jurisdictions;

Mandatory non-binding mediation of medical malpractice claims.

No cap limit though...

I am really beat. Time to turn in
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