Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Early April means it's time for the Masters and all of the hub-bub associated with it. While I went for several years before I started medical school, I never went during my four years in Augusta. The wise heads at MCG always had spring break during that time and while there were some good parties to go to, and some students were lucky enough to get to work the first aid tent during the tournament, it was very difficult to get around town during that time. Some of the permanent populace of Augusta made a tidy sum from renting out their houses to people coming into town.
Masters week was also entertaining because Augusta and Augusta National were put into the media spotlight. In addition to the sideshow last year created by Martha Burk you can always count on some sort of "gotcha" story focusing on poverty or crime in Augusta, contrasting it with the House that Bobby Jones Built.

I've been posting alot today because I'm on call for the next two days and I look to be pretty busy.

Added another link to "The Housestaff" Rich Lassiter who is a graduate and a current EM resident at The Finest Insitution of Medical Education In America.
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