Thursday, February 19, 2004

From the New York Times

Asked about the criticism, Mr. Kerry's press secretary, Stephanie Cutter, responded, "This is an interesting line of attack from the positive campaign of John Edwards considering that his campaign is wholly funded by trial lawyers, which are widely recognized as special interests and lobbyists." Mr. Edwards himself is a former trial lawyer.

Say it ain't so !!!

Well according to the good folks at Open Secrets, lawyers and law firms have contributed $3,474,264 to Sen Kerry's presidential campaign while health professionals have contributed $392,187. Of the twenty top contributors to the Kerry campaign are lawyers or laws firms.

Senator Edwards took in $8,072,511 from attorneys and $251,307 from health professionals. Seventeen of Senator Edwards' top twenty contributors are law firms (his top contributor is Goldman Sachs).

Walter Olson at Overlawyered points out that many of Senator Edwards' donors have "maxed out" their contributions. Sixty-five percent of John Edwards' contributors gave $2000 or more, compared to fifty-five for Kerry.

This is what Senator Kerry has to say about tort reform (scroll down):

Medical malpractice insurance has become so expensive in some states that physicians are moving or giving up their practices, cutting access to care for their patients. The Kerry plan will hold down malpractice premiums by requiring an impartial review of a claim before an individual could file suit and by eliminating punitive damages except in egregious cases. Kerry's plan will not put a cap on legitimate damage awards.

John Edwards' position on tort reform is, of course, well known. It comes as no surprise that John Edwards main supporters are trial lawyers, and has made no secret about it. But while raging against special interests Senator Kerry helps out individuals that are guilty of making illegal campaign contributions. Seems that Senator Kerry likes having his cake and eating it too.
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