Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Ozzy Osbourne was injured yesterday after a "quad bike" (ATV) accident yesterday. The injuries according to the AP:

When he was admitted, he had a fractured left collarbone, he had some damage to the blood vessel that is underneath it, he had eight fractured ribs on the left side and, in addition to that, an entirely stable fracture to one of the vertebrae in his neck

Apparently Mr. Osbourne had the arterial injury repaired and his left arm is perfused again. The most ridiculous quote from the AP story comes from a Dr. Dick Jack, the "medical director at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, west of London":

"This is not a major problem."

The injuries described above, even in a healthy person would constitute a "major problem". Given Mr. Osbourne's age (56) and his hard living, he will have a difficult time of his recovery.

This story states that Mr. Osbourne is still on the ventilator.
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