Monday, December 15, 2003

Posting has been infrequent over the past few days for a number of reasons. End-of-year business picks up for elective surgeries because of the fact that most people have met their deductibles and want it taken care of before the new year, I have been on call every other day for the past six days, and I have had to complete my own non-internet Christmas shopping.
Grunt Doc has a very nice list of "suggestions" for your next visit to the ED. To this I wish to add:
1. As a consultant, I am not responsible for your entire ER wait. Do not blame me if you have waited several hours and I only heard about you thirty minutes ago.
2. If the patient is a minor child or another person who cannot sign for themselves and you are the person who signs for them. DO NOT LEAVE after I have seen them, there are many papers to sign related to surgery, and you need to be around to sign them.
3. If you leave AMA, don't expect: a) pain pills b)a work excuse or c)cab fare.
More later.
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