Saturday, November 08, 2003

DR. MOM...
I've been the domestic god the past two days as Mrs. Parker finally cashed in her gift certificate to a local day spa (yesterday) and is gone today to get fitted for a bridesmaid's dress in Big City. So it's me, my two toddlers, Noggin, Nick Jr. and a cloudy day threatening rain keeping us inside.
Posting has been light over the past few days as I was on call Monday and Thursday, as well as serving my time as the attending of the resident's service. I can understand how Doc Shazam feels, riding herd over junior housestaff.

Added new links Azygos and Psychscape.

Check out Overlawyered and this post about physicians being sued by patients in class-action suits without the patient knowing about it.

It's quiet...too quiet. I'd better go see what's going on.

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