Monday, October 13, 2003

Actually just this post. My call weekend activites have included:
Exploration for bowel obstruction, found closed loop obstruction with gangrene. Resected and anastamosed. The surgical circus has come to town.
Two appendectomies
Laparoscopy for GSW to abdomen. Shot himeslf while cleaning his .380. (I belive him). Entry and exit on same side of abdomen. Peritoneum intact.
Chest tube for a spontaneous pneumothorax.
Emergent hemorrhoidectomy (don't laugh). Thrombosed and concerning for necrosis.
Another exploration for SBO. The obstruction was due to adhesions, but I also found a mass (probably pancreatic cancer) with mets to the liver. Surprise, surprise.
Four admissions (non-trauma)
Five consults
Eight trauma admissions
One central line. (my least favorite procedure see here).
Four cases on the schedule for tomorrow.
And five more hours on call.
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