Friday, October 17, 2003

Headed to Chicago tomorrow for the annual Party congress. I just wanted to comment on a few things:

I reached my 3000th visitor yesterday. It came pretty quickly because of people curious about liability nudity as well as the controversy surrounding the Nobel prize for medicine this year. Thanks to all who have visited my humble weblog.

The replaceable filters continue to do well. I am going to change or remove a few when I get back into town next week.

Two questions /comments I wanted to respond to:
The Acme Surgical Corp. will pay the princely sum of about $295,000 for liability coverage this year. I may have to set up a tip jar.
The "pancreatic mass" was a poorly-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, as was the liver met. The primary has yet to be found.

Graham and Grunt Doc have posted on the new curriculum at Stanford. My comments on the subject are here. I don't think that this is going to catch on at your local State U. School of Medicine. Because of budget cuts and the primary purpose of those schools is to turn out workaday physicians to serve the medical needs of their state.

Since I am getting on a plane tomorrow, this is not encouraging.

Blogger is messing up again, Type Pad is becoming more attractive every day.

I'll be posting from the Windy City (a promise, not a threat) if my hotel has internet connections.
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