Friday, August 22, 2003

I received my first Nigerian e-mail yesterday.....
Dear Friend,
Greeting in the name of the Allah.I am delighted to write this letter to you hoping that you will understand my predicament and respond. I am Dr (Mrs.) Mariam Abacha, wife of the late Nigerian head of state, General Sani Abacha. I am in possession of US$50.5 Million, which I want to invest in your country. For clarification purpose, this money, enclosed in three boxes; is deposited with a security company disguised as a family treasure. It is not an ill-gotten wealth rather; it was generated from my organization - family support program (F.S.P.) This money ($50.5M) was deposited in a private security firm Overseas This transaction is 100% risk free so long as I am involved and I have all necessary documents to back this up. My entire family has lost all we had as our bank accounts were frozen and assets siezed even my Internation Passport but was just released to me two months ago. For your acceptance of this offer to help; I will give you 20% of the total money,another 5% will be used to offset any costs to both parties in the course of the transaction.I and my children wish to use our part of the money to buy a living house for ourselves in your country, and the balance will be kept for investment package also in your country. If we must do this business successfully, we must keep it away from the public. At this Jucture I want to forwarn you of the many scams that go on in my name and names of other dignitries in the country as I have even recieved emails bearing my name. Looking forward to your quick response.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Mariam Abacha

Seems like they're learing their lessons well.
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