Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Looking at the grand pooh-bah's website, I see that the late for deadline for the Qualifying exam is in about two weeks. Newly graduated residents have asked me about taking a review course for the written exam. I myself took the Osler course the week before my written boards. The biggest benefit IMHO is that it gets you out of the office, away from your practice, for a week and allows you to concentrate on the exam. If you decide to take the Osler course in Chicago (actually Lisle/Napierville) may I offer a suggestion. Rent a car at the airport. The hotel in which the course is held is in the middle of an office park and is not very pedestrian friendly. Having a car not only saves in the cab fare from Midway/O'Hare (which is steep), but it also allows you to leave the hotel for dinner. The money you save on avoiding dining in the hotel restaurant and/or room service more than pays for the car rental.
Good Luck!!
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