Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Grand Rounds Vol II No. 23......
Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly roundup of the medical blogosphere. This week's tour is accompanied by the artwork of surgeon/painter Joseph Wilder. Enjoy!!

Removing Gloves

The Patient Encounter as Literary Exposition:

The Cheerful Oncologist combines his own flair with the lyrics of Lennon/McCartney in discussing withdrawal of chemotherapy.

While Dr. Wilder is best known for painting sports and surgery, Maria writes of a patient who paints something else.

Dr. Charles has a brush with greatness, but humbly passes on it.

Sunlight Follows Me shares the story of a man finding peace and comfort in the arms of God.

Doc Shazam tells of the signing out and bad news.

Five Surgeons

The Casualties of Substance Abuse:

Rita Schwab posts about an increasingly common problem, dealing with the impaired physician.

Keith Carlson is able to find compassion in his heart as he treats the members of his "poor, chronically ill and generally disenfranchised community".

Surgeons as Heroes

Fun with My Colleagues:

keagirl plays the old "don't ask, don't tell"game with the always entertaining "foreign body" patient.

As part of his "Tales of the Trauma Service" Orac really develops a taste for his work. Didn't anyone tell him those things were dangerous? Too bad no pictures.

Of course when the likes of me get around a patient things can and do go wrong, as Geena points out.

The Grunt Doc rages against the machine and their increasingly specialized CME requirements. Come take my ATLS course Allen, it will be worth your while.

Scrubbing Hands


Insureblog thinks Health Savings Accounts are the way to control health costs.

Jill Quadagno however,disagrees.

Neonatal Doc looks at the complex issue of giving or withholding care to sick children.

The Preoperative Examination

The Patients that Challenge Us:

The Blog That Ate Manhattan posts about a pregnant recipient of the "gift that keeps on giving".

Big Mama lets us know of a family's disappointment that she is a real doctor and doesn't play one on TV.

Dr. Emer writes about the problems of the patient with chronic pain.

Gowned and Gloved

Medicine and Socioeconomics:
Will Hotels.com make a commercial with ambulances rushing to the hotel rather than black Suburbans? Kevin relays the story of Canadian tourist medicine. Will the "Roaming Gnome" now appear in a white coat?

Fellow Aggravated Surgeon delivers a dissetation on the high sums that the new math can generate.

Hospital Impact looks at the three types of hospital administrators the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Health Business Blog examines a formula controversy in Boston.

Dr. Crippen issues a challenge to those physicians who support the death penalty.

Dr. Newberry pines for the good old days.

Concentration in Surgery

The Bugs Among Us:
Dr. Smith gives us the latest on the bug that ate Boulder.

Interested Participant comments on the growing problem of community MRSA.

Contemplation before Surgery

Research Corner:
Dr. Ng asks the common post-steak dinner question: Why does asparagus make my pee stink?

The Abel Pharmboy examines the pharmacological impact of a recent Supreme Court decision.

With training can you snatch the pebble from the Master's hand? Always Learning lets us know that functional MRI shows it happening.

Sharp Dissection

Kids do the Darndest Things....
And as the Geek Nurse shows we can do the darnest things to them.

Dr. Andy agrees with compulsory vaccination, with some execptions.

My grasp extends far beyond my inbox. Thus arrives
Flea with his meningitis gamble.

Do you still feed a fever? Emergiblog fills us in.

Dr. Hebert recognizes that resistance is futile where TV and kids are concerned.

Threading the Needle

Last but not least:

A woman with many hats is full of the Olympic spirit as are the athletes overcoming medical difficulties.

The Insider fills us in on another drug that can turn you into a high roller.

Straight from the Doc has the latest on genes and salt sensitivity.

Dr. Choon advises the cardiac patient to get a good doctor.

Kate Steadman provides tips on how to avoid convalescent boredom. What, no Sudoku?

On the Wards hopes to put off dementia with green tea.

Didn't work then either. Clinical Cases Blog lets us know about Italian balloon endoscopy for weight loss.

My fellow Georgian and paramedic student is frustrated that he cannot enjoy a beer as he does his laundry.

The Recovery Room

But gentle reader, I can go have a beer. The source for the pictures was an article in the Fall 2002 edition of Dartmouth Medical Magazine which has a wealth of information about Dr. Wilder. Sorry for the black and white, I could not find links to color photographs. I hope you have enjoyed Grand Rounds. Next weeks victim---er host----will be Kim at Emergiblog. Want to host? Drop a line to Dr. Genes: Nicholas.Genes(at)umassmed(dot)edu.
As for me....
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